Pathways to language, culture, communication and identity


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Pathways to language, culture, communication and identity

Elizabeth Woodward-Smith
Hadrian Aleksander Lankiewicz
Małgorzata Godlewska

Wydawnictwo Ateneum Szkoły Wyższej


Kilka poniższych zdań opisujących zawarte w monografii treści z Wprowadzenia.

(…) The following volume is the result of a seminar meeting entitled Communication-Culture-Creativity (CCC fourth edition), which took place at the Ateneum University in Gdańsk. The chapters in the volume “Pathways to language, culture, communication and identity” reflect explicitly or implicitly the constructive way of thinking about the components encompassed by the title. The chapters aim to account for the complexity of relations involved in the study of the living tissue of language and the social aspects it represents. A significant number of contributions oscillate around the issue of identity, a vital aspect of human existence, pathways to which lead very often through the convoluted modes of the use of linguistic communicative means. The volume encompasses ten chapters written by various authors and aligned sequentially according to the themes delineated in the tile, i.e. language itself, culture, communication and ultimately identity. We hope the book will be interesting reading for professional linguists and language students, as well as all other professionals and laymen eager to delve into the intricate pathways of language, culture, communication and identity.

Spis treści

Note on contributors

Chapter 1
Pathways to Competence: ELT for Slovak PhD Students
(Zuzana Kolaříková, Helena Petruňová, Renáta Timková)
Chapter 2
Storied, Integrated, Interactive – New Varieties of Medical Case Reporting as Tools in ESP Teaching, Medical 
Training and Professional Development
(Magdalena Zabielska)
Chapter 3
The Importance of Culture in Instructed Language Learning – Learners’ Perspective
(Maurizio Bonino)
Chapter 4
Factors Influencing Willingness to Communicate in English in Second Life
(Mariusz Kruk)
Chapter 5
Language Relativism and the Effectiveness of Communication
(Grzegorz Grzegorczyk)
Chapter 6
Immigration in Public Discourse in Britain: A Review
(Alan Floyd)
Chapter 7
The Slavic World as Reflected in the Correspondence of Slavists
(Tatyana E. Strokovskaya)
Chapter 8
How News Deals With Identities. Hate Speech and Representation of Minority Identities in Italian Newspapers
(Enrico Caniglia)
Chapter 9
Advertising Identity from a Pragmatic Perspective
(Sonia Lavandeira Rojo)
Chapter 10
Humanity or Bestiality: The Question of Identity in If This Is a Man by Carlo Levi
(Dorota Karwacka-Pastor)


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