Chlorophytes and charophytes from the Gulf of Gdańsk and surrounding waters


ISBN: 978-83-8206-497-1

Rok wydania 2022

Liczba stron 238

Format: A5


Chlorophytes and charophytes from the Gulf of Gdańsk and surrounding waters (the Southern Baltic Sea)

Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego

autor: Marcin Pliński Waldemar Surosz Ilona Złoch


This handbook is an important item in the taxonomic literature for green algae. As the latest taxonomy is adopted here, it is a valuable source of systematics of this group of algae. It covers the species that have so far been recorded in the waters of the Gulf of Gdańsk and the neighbouring waters of the Southern Baltic Sea. The low salinity of the Baltic Sea causes a unique composition of the algae flora, including both marine and limnetic species with a wide range of salinity tolerance. This handbook comprises this variety of species occurring in brackish waters and may be useful to a wide audience not only in the Baltic Sea but also in other brackish waters of the temperate and boreal zones. It fills the gap between identification books dealing solely with either marine or fresh-water species. Moreover, it comprises all types of chlorophytes, which are highly different in shape and complexity, reaching from unicellular or colonial planktonic forms to filamentous or lear-shaped benthonic organisms. Chlorophytes and charophytes are important bioindicators of environmental changes. This publication is a valuable tool for species identification that is needed by specialized students and researchers, dealing with multi-faceted ecological research such as environmental monitoring, biodiversity, food web interactions and aquatic ecosystem management, which is especially important in controlling changes related to climate instability.

Dr. Norbert Wasmund



Introduction. . . . 7

Chlorophytes. . . .  9

Keys for the identification of the species. . . . 17

Charophytes. . . . 79

Keys for the identification of the species .  . 81

References. . . . . 88

Line drawings and images of species . . .  93

Photographs from a light microscope. . .  193

Index to names of the species. . . . 213



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